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Mr. PeanutMy daughter is starting preschool on Tuesday and there are lots and lots of forms to fill out, lists to read and agreements to sign and date.  Most of them seem to pertain to peanut allergies and my rights and responsibilities in regards to them.  While I, like any good and decent American, am vehemently opposed to school segregation in general I am starting to wonder if these peanut allergy kids might not enjoy their own little peanut-free schools.  Because what in holy hell am I gonna put in that lunch box on Tuesday?  Preschool without peanut butter and jelly?!  I don’t know about this…

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imagesSo, it turns out 3-year olds aren’t all that great at keeping birthday secrets.  In my attempt to include A in her dad’s birthday plans, I let her help me pick out his presents this year.  Now she keeps saying, “I can’t tell you what I’m givin’ you for your buthday, Daddy.  ‘Cause it’s a WEALLY big SUPWISE!”  And then she proceeds to tell him exactly what he’s getting, in great detail.  But I don’t think he minds.  As for the fact that she’s insisting on Diego being on top of his birthday cake?  Well, that might be the true surprise…

2432557940_81ddaea4f1What she’s hoping for… Not gonna happen.

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