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So apparently all it takes to get into the White House these days is a French manicure and a couture Sari?  Well, I’m sorry but I would like to know (or at least be able to maintain the illusion) that our president is slightly more difficult to gain access to than Chuck E. Cheese.  What is going on over there?  Were the Secret Service stoned?  Let’s hear it, White House.  What the hell happened?

Women with Chuck E. Cheese


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teabagI would like to resubmit my request that you change your name.  Certainly you are aware that “teabagging” has another meaning, one which you most likely would rather we not imagine when we see you out there with your nifty signs.  I know it’s an image I could do without.

Also, if you are planning to stick with “Teabaggers”, can you please keep the Colonial-wear to a bare minimum?  I started working on my Canadian accent again when I saw all of you out there in your waistcoats and breeches with tube socks and black, high-top Reeboks.  Not flattering and frankly, totally Un-American.  Which I’m pretty sure is not the look you were going for.

So, if you and your teabagging peeps could review the above items, that would be great.  You seem like a reasonable (as well as highly educated) lot so hopefully you are open to a bit of constructive criticism.  I have an idea: If you would be willing to burn your Reeboks, I may even be willing to join in the merriment and submit my request on a parchment scroll.

Oh, and don’t change a thing about your signs!  Those are sheer perfection…

Teabagger Sign

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With news out of Washington that the deficit is expected to exceed $9 trillion by 2019, the Republicans are gearing up for yet another attack on Obama’s proposed health care system overhaul. Let them argue. I have plans of my own…


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