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I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I have made them in the past and they simply do not work. How many people buy memberships to their local gym on January 1st, fully intending to go every single day until they can fit back into their wedding dress/”skinny jeans”/car? Every gym in America has tumbleweeds rolling through it well before Valentine’s Day. Why?  Because there is no magic that takes place on January 1st that enables us to do what we could not do on December 31st. This year, I am not making New Year’s Resolutions. This year, I am making New Year’s Revelations.  Here are a few:

1. Weight cannot be lost under duress. Tread lightly on the fat. Do not take the fat’s name in vain. Try it and you will find that the fat will gather a posse and head straight for your hips. And it will be holding a package of King’s Hawaiian Rolls in one hand and a stick of butter in the other. I really would like to be svelte but I know that this is a project that I will not be starting on today. There is a lot of Christmas candy on clearance right now and I love a bargain. Maybe next week.

2. I have misspelled (or is it misspelt?) the word “Tonsillectomy” on every single medical history form that I have ever filled out. 2010 will be the year that I stop trying. “I had my tonsils out” will simply have to do. (And don’t ask me if I had my Adenoids out. You’re talking to the wrong person. A. I don’t know what the eff Adenoids are. B. I was so drugged up that I asked the nurse if I could take my tonsils home in a jar. For all I know I had a Prefrontal Lobotomy.)

3. I have come to the conclusion that many of my previous “resolutions” have really been more like “retributions.” ie: Who has done me wrong this year and how do I intend to make them pay? The fact of the matter is, most jerks seem pretty happy in their jerkish roles and don’t intend to change. Except for the Sociopaths. They’re elated in their jerkish roles and are unable to change. Either way, avoiding the whole motley crew of them is the best bet. That said, I see nothing wrong with secretly hoping that the day will come when they choose the wrong puppy to kick and end up being bitten in the ass.

4. While you’re at it you may as well also steer clear of Mötley Crüe. Between the Hepatitis, the constant feuding and the tighty whities, no good could possibly come from any sort of interaction with them.

5. My eyebrows have reached a stage where I am no longer able to care for them myself. I’d really like to see less “Bert” and more “Ernie” when I look in the mirror. (Minus the horizontal stripes. See #1.) Help must be employed. Ideally, said help will hail from an Eastern Bloc country. Those ladies know their stuff.

6. I could not love my friends or family more than I currently love them. And I tell them each and every time I talk to them. I give myself an A+ on this.  The only problem is that I say, “I love you” so often that I sometimes wind up accidentally telling other people that I love them. The truth is, I actually don’t love the Comcast guy/the medical scheduler/the wrong number caller. I mean, they’re alright but I don’t love them. There. I said it.

So, there are a few of my Revelations. I suggest that you make a list of your own. After you get home from the gym. And finish off that carton of Rocky Road.

Happy New Year!


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labor-dayI went out and about today to run a few errands and got to catch a little glimpse of how the masses were spending their holiday weekend.  It seems that many of them were drinking heavily and then operating vehicles on all of the roads where I chose to drive.  True, not everybody was drinking and driving.  Some were stumbling along the sidewalks, hooting and hollering.

And all this time I thought Labor Day was a special holiday set aside to celebrate the achievements of workers in this great nation of ours.  I guess I didn’t realize that’s not what it’s about at all.  As it all turns out, L.A.B.O.R. D.A.Y. is an acronym meaning Let’s All Be Obnoxious Revelers!  Drink And Yell!  Can somebody please explain what sets this apart from some of the other American holidays, like N.E.W. Y.E.A.R.S. E.V.E. (Never Enough Whiskey! Yell Endlessly And Regret Sex!  Everyone Vomits Eventually!)?  Or J.U.L.Y. F.O.U.R.T.H. (Jägermeister Usually Looks Yummy! Fall Over Urinating Right There, Honey!)?  Somebody cue The Star Spangled Banner.  Where’s my flag?

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