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Patrick Swayze Fan ClubPatrick Swayze died yesterday and I feel really sad about it.  He stood in a class of his own amongst the A-Minus-List stars whom my generation grew up watching.  I loved the fact that he was a tough, ass-kicking dude but that he could also pull off some fairly effeminate, feathered hair and modern dance apparel and hang with the ladies as well.  He was a stand-up, classy, soft-spoken man and he handled his illness with dignity and grace. He will be missed.

Dirty Dancing came out when I was in 7th grade and I think that it would be fair to say that I have seen it, in part or in its entirety, 200 times.  I love that movie.  The watermelon on the bridge, the abortion, the talent show, Jennifer Grey’s old nose…  It was all good (well, at least for me) in the Catskills!  One of my favorite parts of the movie is the goodbye scene which features none other than the star of the movie, Patrick Swayze singing “She’s Like the Wind”.  (Gasp!)  And he sings, too?!  Is there anything this man cannot do?!  Historically out of place and a little bizarre?  Sure.  But who cared?  I sure as hell didn’t!  Time to tighten up the scrunchie, pop some more popcorn and hit rewind on the VCR!

So, the Swayzethon will continue as we mourn yet another celebrity death this year.  But Patrick Swayze was special.  He was Swayze

Rest in Peace, Johnny Castle.  You were the man!

Dirty Dancing

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Why, oh why, do I love this so much?!


I think it’s Tom’s sassy face and casually dangling foot…

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