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Why do I blog?  Some of my readers may find themselves asking this very question when they see me skipping from topic to topic, from fruit flies to Oprah, from stillbirth to plus-size models.  If you can imagine, all of these topics (and so many more) float through my mind at least once per hour.  Especially Oprah.  I think a lot about Oprah.  Frankly, I should probably be on Ritalin but I try my very best to avoid prescription drugs that teenagers are apt to snort.  It’s just one of my many peculiarities.  So, why do I blog?  I blog for a lot of reasons but the very most important one is not what brought me into blogging to begin with.  I am, by nature, a very private and reclusive person.  I don’t see very many people very often.  With blogging I am able to interact with the world, on my own time and on my own terms.  When somebody comments on my blog and I click through to see what they’re all about, I am sometimes shocked, often delighted, and always enlightened.  Because humans are like snowflakes in that no two of us are alike.  I love being able to peek into the lives of other people, tea in hand, from the comfort of my own home.  And I love it when somebody peeks into mine.

I love that I am able to relate to the world without ever needing to take off my jammies.  And that’s good stuff right there.

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So, I’ve been meaning to start writing this damn thing for quite some time.  In fact, years.  What’s the problem?  Well, the name for one thing.  How does the old saying go?  “All of the good ones are either taken or gay”?  I had this problem when I was pregnant and spent hours, days, weeks, months, (YEARS?!) thinking about, discussing, researching, arguing about, defending and inventing names.  My child didn’t end up with a name until the day that we were taking her home from the hospital and only then it was under duress (“If you name her HERE, we can file all of the paperwork TODAY!”) and possibly the influence of Vicodin (She weighed over 10 pounds so back off, all of you Naturalistas.  Arnica wasn’t gonna do the trick.).  But name her we did!  Now, one must assume that my kid is a lot more important to me than this blog.  Of course she is.  And I’ve been busy raising her into the 3.25-year old hellion who is dancing wildly a few feet from me as I type.  I will try to write when she is far enough away from me so as not to impede movement of my hands (which is infrequent).  I have a few things to say and with all of the formalities of the name out of the way I am hoping to get down to the business of saying them.  So, This Human’s Condition it is!  Or is it Kenny?

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